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TCWW has a proven track record in bringing in skilled professionals and business people, sponsoring spouses, partners and family members worldwide. We go to extraordinary lengths to see that your loved ones are reunited with you in Canada as soon as possible. Our clients refer their family and friends to us with confidence.  Our friendly knowledgeable staff includes Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants RCIC - ICCRC; Members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council that are authorized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to represent you in all Canadian immigration matters.

Canada is one of very few countries that actively seeks out newcomers as immigrants and encourages citizenship. To begin your journey to Canada, we must determine the most suitable path. There are two main types of immigration applications, temporary and permanent. Each case is unique with specific prerequisites, experience and documentation requirements.  TCWW is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive services in the field of Canadian immigration.
Our Services

We only accept clients who we are confident will have the best chance of success. If we feel that you will not qualify, we will be honest with you,
and you will not be left with false hopes or have spent money needlessly. You will have peace of mind knowing if you qualify now, or what you will
need to do to qualify in the future. Canadian Immigration laws are complex. Allow us to guide you through the process from start to finish.

We offer 3 levels of professional advice depending on your needs and your budget. 

Answering all your questions before you start
We help you understand the different processes, the hidden traps, timelines and costs
Consider it as a guide or roadmap to your ultimate goal

Designed to provide a thorough review of your completed application just before you file
We check all your forms and supporting documents
We suggest changes, amendments and ideas to improve your application to ensure smooth and efficient processing

Full Service
Designed to look after you fully from beginning to end
We become your legal representatives, prepare and complete all forms, compile all the documents and make comprehensive written
submissions to CIC
We maintain continuous communication with you and CIC

Telephone/Skype Consultation
As you get more information about the immigration process, you will no doubt have many more questions. You may have trouble getting all the
answers you need from government offices. When you are ready to seek more specific advice about your case, a telephone call can be the most
cost effective method of easing your mind with answers. Read our client testimonials.

Not sure if this is what you need?
We won't ask you to commit to the fee for a call unless we are sure it will be worthwhile. If you are not sure, please send us an email to very briefly
tell us about your challenge; we'll let you know if a consultation would be worthwhile.
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